Ghani Akbar from Swabi

The patient Ghani Akbar has a history of road traffic accident with fracture forearm bone (radius). The patient belongs to the deserving family as he has four kids. He works at local tandoor (where breads are cooked) with a total income of only 600 rupees per day. "As I met the accident, I have no money for medicines and bandage; health card is the only hope", Akbar remarked. The patient was treated at a private medical facility Swabi free of cost and provide with post-discharge medicine and transportation. He was very thankful for the Sehat Sahulat program and pray for its long success.

Khaodin from Swabi

The patient Khaodin has a history of blockage of urine for a long period. He was advised surgery by the doctors but the patient has no money to afford the charges of surgery. As government has launched that humanitarian program, he got his Health Card and treated in a private medical facility of Nawan Kelly free of cost. The patient condition was stable on discharge. He appreciated the Sehat Sahulat Program of the government. He was very thankful and offering a lot of prayers for the prosperity of the program.

Mashal Khan from Swabi

The patient has a history of fall. After consulting orthopaedic surgeon and Xray reports the initiate diagnosis shows fracture forearm (radius). The surgeon advised operation but they are looking for food. The father of the patient is a rickshaw driver (on a rental basis). But in these days due to lockdown, he can't manage to pay even the rent. His work was stopped and he has 9 kids to look after. In very miserable condition in these days. they are looking for the ways to survive. The case happened on 15th Ramazan. But due to no source. They only managed it manually (on support). Someone guided him that if you have a Sehat Card, you can get operation of your son totally free of cost. Then his son was operated at the private facility of Swabi free of cost. Now they are very happy. And appreciate this facility of government to provide him with Sehat Card. They are very thankful and obliged to the government.

Mursalin from Swabi

The patient Mursalin has a history of abdominal pain since Ramazan (1 month ago). As pain goes worsen, the family has consulted the hospital which has advised immediate Appendectomy. The father of the patient is labour, with limited financial resourced and rented house. They have no money for operation as their financial position is already weakened by COVID crisis. At that time, the Sehat Card helped them and the patient was operated at private facility of Nawan Kelly. His mother which was present with him was very thankful and obliged to the government and Sehat Sahulat Program for providing them with Sehat Insaf Card.

Shahab Ali from Swabi

The patient showed up with severe abdominal pain. On consulting the surgeon he was advised surgery (appendectomy). The patient's father is labour (truck loader). He earns 8000 rupees per month while 3000 rupees per month he pays for rent (house).In the remaining 5000, he has to run his family. So in this situation, he has nothing to pay for his surgery. He was much disturbed. Tried to get loan from peoples. The Sehat Card play a vital role in the treatment of his son. His son was operated at private facility totally free of cost. The attendant was much relaxed. He was very thankful to the government for providing him, Sehat Card.

Zojan from Swabi

The patient has a history of pain right hypochondrium. On consulting the surgeon cholecystectomy was advised. The condition of this family was miserable. There are 12 family members who are living in a rented house. Daily-earnings is 400-500 rupees. Nowadays due to lock down the earnings is more reduced. The attendant works in hairdresser shop. They have no money to afford the charges of surgery. The sehat card play a vital role in this condition. The patient operated at a private medical facility totally free of cost. They are very thankful and obliged to government provide him sehat card.